My inspiration is the world around me, how I see it each day. Hiking in the hills of Marin County keeps me close to nature and my urban hikes open my eyes to great architecture and the energy of city life.

My process is intuitive, as I often choose a palette first and begin with a single stroke. My work contains layers, textures, and movement. Creating  and destroying as I go, I leave behind remnants of each layer as I build the painting.

I want viewers to discover what is there, but to continue to see new things the longer they look at my paintings. Since my work is about emotion, the viewer is free to feel and to see what they want, even if I didn’t intend it.

Collage has become a big part of my work, as I love beautiful paper, and use both purchased and found items. Working with these materials allows me to make solid shapes and create interesting textures. This process brings me back to earlier times, when I did a lot of sewing and worked with patterns and beautiful fabrics.

I often work in a series. The bird series contains layered images and shapes of nature. These works are light, lively, looser, and less structured than some of my other works. Elements of collage seem to add a groundedness or stability to these works. The bird series is inspired by time I spent in Hawaii, and gives me a sense of calm.

The Urban Collage Series is more structured, with abstract shapes and collage elements projecting an architectural look and urban feel. Some of these works convey the noisy energy of the city: trucks and bikes and cars all moving together. Other pieces suggest a quieter conversation, where warm zones of color create safe and comfortable spaces.